Don't be alarmed... a day in the life of a broker

It's been the most crazy week.  First of all I have not been this busy in a month of Sundays. I'm working with THREE sets of buyers and they are all looking for the same house.  Well you know, not THE same house, but same general budget, area etc.  So when I know that person A has seen house G and that it would not qualify for the loan program that person B needs then you would think I could save myself some time, but not so much.  Sometimes folks just have to go see that there really is no stove and mold in the crawl space for themselves.

Thankfully I'm pending on one of them and hopefully the requested repairs from today's inspection will be made and we can get to the closing table on that one.  Had a scary moment today when the home inspector walked into the room and said "don't be alarmed, but I've called my personal nurse (wife) to come take my blood pressure because I feel a little dizzy" and then proceeded to go into the attic. I gave him a piece of candy from the counter, his wife who is a nurse did stop by and take his blood pressure. But he also called and made an appointment to see his doctor tomorrow. He also made it in and out of the attic without incident, but I was very nervous when he was out of my sight after that statement.

In the last 7 days our MLS has swapped out lockboxes.  Talk about hassle.  Various firms did it various ways.  We went and swapped out ours that were on hand and then went to replace the old ones on homes and then went and did the second swap.  One trip to each house, two trips to MLS office. Other firms went and picked up keys, put keys in combo boxes and swapped all at once and then are in the process of getting lockboxes back in place.  Those who have the keys in the pockets, well those sellers missed a few showings.

PS- Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents remember saying you hoped my first duty as president negotiating the swap of lockboxes went well.  I got them to do an even 1 for 1 swap, so good right? 

My desk is a disaster.  Mind you *I* think it's a disaster so it's REALLY REALLY bad. I need to get some tax things posted and I just can't do it until I clean my desk, so tomorrow is THE day I clean my desk.  Today I'm just leaving it all where it is.  It was a very long day. Having a 9 a.m. appointment is just NOT my thing. I would never tell a client "no" to a 9 a.m. appointment, but I'm not much of a morning person and I left home without my fit bit and without making a pot of coffee.  I feel the need for a keurig at home coming on for such occasions. 

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