Lake Sinclair living and mosquitoes

Unless you've been under a rock you've been hearing about the Zika Virus and the harm it can do to unborn babies and that cases are not in the United States. It's been on the news in an election cycle, which means it's really big news. Now I'm NOT being an alarmist. But living on/near water can certainly mean more mosquitoes. Just a small amount of standing water can breed thousands of mosquitoes. If I am outside and there is a mosquito in a mile radius of me, it generally finds me and bites me.

So what to do?  Well first you want to make sure not to have standing water. Even in the bottoms of potted plants. If you water every day and never let it go dry it's an excellent place for mosquitoes to breed. You will want to make sure if you pull your boat out of the lake you don't leave standing water in it. Don't leave a cup in the boat, a bucket that catches rain water is great for summer watering if you empty it every couple of days.

There are also some natural repellant plants that you can grow that will help to keep mosquitoes away from where you enjoy outside. It's a great idea to have a planter on the dock with some of these growing in it. Near the house by or on the deck is another great place to grow plants that repel mosquitoes.

I have long grown several of the plants that I found on the lists I located

  • Rosemary (also great for cooking)
  • Catnip (my cats love the stuff)
  • Basil
  • Marigolds
  • Garlic

Now I am not the expert, but I wanted to share with you the lists I found that were the longest. One has 11 and the other 31 plants. I actually have always bought citronilla candles, but never even considered getting a plant to keep the bugs away while we grill.  So I think I'll be adding that to my container garden on the deck this year.

35 Plants to repel Mosquitoes 

11 Plants to repel mosquitoes

31 Plants to repel mosquitoes

I also found interesting  while looking for articles that you can make a natural repellent from Rosemary and I'm going to give that recipe a try this spring and see if it works for me. I don't like to use chemicals and spraying them on me just doesn't seem like a great idea.


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Lake Sinclair living and mosquitoes
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