Get your Lake Sinclair home ready for winter, while the weather is still nice

The weather forecast is changing. Freezing temeratures are just around the corner.  The lows at Lake Sinclair are currently just dipping into the 50s, but it's that reminder that winter is just around and the corner and there are things you need to get done to keep your property taken care of at Lake Sinclair.  If it's a vacation/weekend home it's time to get those things done.  And out in the rural area where I live many homes still have wells.  And your well house needs several things:


Wrapped pipes that exposed

A light bulb or spotlight

It's time to think about switching from the A/C to heat.  Usually in a vacant home I just set it on about 58, that is enough to keep things from freezing. 

And if you haven't had a chimney sweep, you should have that done before burning a fire.  And hopefully you have remembered to check your propane tank and make sure it's full and had your furnace checked out by a professional.

My foreclosure homes have all been winterized.  Wells turned off, pipes drained and open and anti-freeze in all toilet bowls and tanks.  They also have the power on with the heat on a low setting as well. Many of our vacant homes are winterized as well.

The tempatures are supposed to be back near 75 by the first of next week (yeah typidal southern weather) , which I will be thankful for as I'm really not so much a winter person.  I'm VERY happy at 95 with 90% humidity.  Heat doesn't bother me so much.  Cold on the other hand.... I don't like so much.  I usually get cold by Thanksgiving and thaw out sometime around Memorial Day.  But I am enjoying the beautiful colors of fall.  Finally looking out my back door is red, orange and yellow instead of just green.  Of course we are still having to mow the lawn. 

If you have a weekend home at Lake Sinclair and need someone to winterize for you, give me a call and I can recommend a few folks for you to call for the service

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