War Room- it's a must see!

Donald had only to work ONE day this week. Today.  He had to work 6 days last week.  So after Monday being a holiday he worked today and not he's off until next Monday.  So because he didn't have to work tomorrow we went to the movie.

War Room is a must see.  First of all, Elizabeth is a real estate agent listing the house with the "war room" in it, so I immediately connected with her. It was a beautiful and uplifting movie with a very good message about asking God to lead your life. 


I am reading a book currently and today read a sentence that I plan to write down and read every day. Your brain can't process two thoughts simultaneously.  So while you are being thankful for your blessings you can not be thinking negative thoughts.  The movie seemed to also be resonating that same message to me. 

I hope you'll see the movie and if you read this and then see the movie I hope you'll tell me what you think. It has to be a really fabulous movie for me to recommend it.

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War Room- it's a must see!
Donald had only to work ONE day this week. Today. He had to work 6 days last week. So after Monday being a holiday he worked today and not he's off until next Monday. So because he didn't have to work tomorrow we went to the movie. War Room is a… more
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