Overheard at dinner, observations from a parent

Donald and I went out recently to a casual place we like for dinner.  One of my favorite things about the place is even when it has groups it seems to be pretty quiet.  Even though it has a bar, you can hear your conversation at your table without raising your voice.  We ordered dinner and were talking and waiting. There were a couple of tables near us each with a young girl child at the table.

One family was including the little girl in the conversation.  I heard her excitement in sharing that "tomorrow I get to wear pajamas to school, and we're going to watch Polar Express". Her family listened, commented and she was so adorable.  When they left her mom carefully picked up her her coloring paper and took it with them.  She helped her daughter into her jacket and held her hand as they exited.

The second family had two children.  The mom pulled her iPad mini out of her purse and shoved it at her little girl.  She had little to no conversation with anyone at the table and certainly not that beautiful little girl. When it came time to go the mom crumpled up the coloring paper the little girl had done and tossed it into the empty bread basket. The little girl started to cry.  The mom just shoved the child's coat at her and exited into the cold with the little girl trailing behind holding her coat instead of wearing it.

Today I had a conversation with a seller.  He's the executor, and brother of the deceased homeowner. We have a contract and couldn't find the key to the crawl space for the inspection tomorrow. The brother said "I have several keys, not sure if any of them open it, but I can drive the two hours down there to see." But of course I'm not going to let that happen.  I've had Donald buy a replacement lock and he's headed over to cut off the lock with bolt cutters and put the new key in the lockbox. And I've let the owner know. I also let him know that I turned out the heat because a few days from now we might be below freezing and I want the pipes secure.

In our industry I see agents who are like both parents, those who communicate well and help their clients and then those who say... buyer beware you are own your own now that you found the house.  Get those HOA docs yourself, no I can't recommend anyone... oh the liability at me actually giving you a recommendation, or did you think it was MY job to remind you of a deadline?

I'm very happy to tell consumers that at Lane Realty we do what we can to help our clients.  Before they find a house, while under contract and even when things go sideways after the closing which does happen from time to time. 

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Overheard at dinner, observations from a parent
Donald and I went out recently to a casual place we like for dinner. One of my favorite things about the place is even when it has groups it seems to be pretty quiet. Even though it has a bar, you can hear your conversation at your table without… more
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