Agent to agent relationships, they are important

Sometimes I read on real estate Facebook groups about people creating community pages and then blocking other agents in their market and blocking them from their business page and then whining they don't pick up the phone when they are called I have to stop and laugh for a minute before I scroll on past.

Are there a few agents in my market that I pay extra attention to detail when working with because of things that happened in the past? Of course there are, isn't that normal among all walks of life. But for the most part I would say I have a great business relationship with 90% of the agents in my market. I would also venture to say that I'm in real life friends with 50% of them and virtual friends with 90% of them.  I have never turned down a request on Facebook to friends with an agent in my market. I have never blocked one from joining the public community page I created at Lake Sinclair. I don't even get upset when they post their listings in said group that I created.

I want to share a story about a real estate deal I had late last year and show you why I work so hard to be professional and maintain really good relationships with other agents in my market.

I had some buyers who wanted a lake property but were on a very tight budget for lake properties. They had bought a lake access property from me previously and flipped it and had X amount of dollars to buy again. No more. The price range they were looking in was definitely going to be something that investors would also be wanting to buy. However a fixer is JUST what they were looking to purchase. So I did my homework and identified what I felt was THE property. It was NOT on the market. However the day the lockbox went on (still not on the market) I called the listing agent and asked for a preview.  I got the permission and looked at the inside.  Most of the issues were cosmetic and this was the perfect property for them.

I'd had several deals with the future listing agent in the past few years and she was very gracious to also let me take my buyers through prior to trash out. So my buyers asked me to do a CMA (comparative market analysis)  and were prepared to offer up to that price the minute the property hit the market.  They were signed up on my site and watching and I was calling the listing agent regularly. The day she was given the price from the asset management company she sat down to put it in the MLS.  She called me and told me that while she in fairness could not tell me the price, that she was about to enter it.  I sat at my computer with multiple tabs open... contract open and typed except for price, electronic signature program open, phone call to my clients to be sitting on go for when I sent the contract for their signatures. 

To my surprise and delight the list price was $26,000 LESS than my CMA. Within two minutes of the time she hit the enter button to put in the MLS I was sending her an offer. She submitted it immediately and to both our surprise my buyers as is, cash, full price offer was actually accepted.  No highest and best, no multiple offers, no haggle.  That was on December the 7th. One December the 21st I got to hand those buyers the keys and we were closed. 

Now imagine... 

What if I had blocked that agent from my community page? What if I spoke to that agent in a tone that my 25 years of experience are better than her 10? What if I didn't like that agent's posts on Facebook? What if I didn't place value not only in my business relationship with that agent but with my personal relationship as well?

Do you think my buyers would have gotten that dream home?  Now if ONLY I could get the republicans and the democrats to adopt that attitude for working with other members of various branches of government!

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Agent to agent relationships, they are important
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