A challenge to offer some help to some great folks in our community

Today I was checking on line for updates to the current Milledgeville water situation.  For the most part when I post a comment on Facebook I get 5 or 10 "likes", but a couple of days ago I posted an offer to give drinking water to anyone who came to my office to get it with containers.  I only had a couple of people take me up on the offer.  It's not only upsetting to not have drinking water, but people need to wash dishes and clothes and it caused some other issues that you might not even consider.

I had someone stop in my office yesterday and their complaint was "ugh, I had to eat at this place and it was busy because so many places are closed".  It's not really a choice to close, it's a have to situation.  No water for employees to wash dishes or hands and so no food served.  

I'm sure it hits owners very hard. I am a business owner so I know what having to close your doors for a time can do.  For my business it's been power outages and ice storms that have brought those closures and I can't really know if closing for 2 to 5 days has ever prevented someone from buying a house or had them elect to go to another firm to do so.

But let's go a little deeper.  What about those servers?  The ones who are not going to have rent money on Monday because they have lost tips for 2 or 3 days.  If I were Warren Buffet I would be giving all of them $100.  But I'm not. So I picked a favorite place (Aubry Lane's) and the owner picked (at random draw) a server and I'm dropping them a $100 check in the mail. I will just do without some "want" over the next few weeks to make up for that, but that's okay with me.

And I know that many of you reading this can't afford to just give a random stranger $100.  There have been many times in my life that I could not have either. So can you afford $10 or $20.  Or perhaps when you go to eat at one of the local Milledgeville places soon that has been closed leave an extra nice tip for them to make up for the days their workplace was closed.  I know what an impact it makes when you're a college student who gets a really great tip.  Been there done that.  If you ate at Quincy's in the early 80s in Milledgeville, I probably was your server one of those times.  

So pick a favorite spot and contact them to see if you can make a donation to someone who has by no fault of their own been out of business.  Even if it's $25, it would certainly help make someone who didn't work and didn't get paid for a few days make ends meet.

I picked Aubry Lane's because it's one of our favorite date night places.  We always have great service, great food and enjoy an evening there.  My ONLY complaint is that Creme Brulee is no longer full time on their menu.  I can always forgo dessert unless Creme Brulee is on the menu.  So please Milledgeville and Lake Sinclair folks, step up with a random act of kindness and make someone's day who has been out of work for a few days.  Doesn't matter if it's at the same place I picked or not. Doesn't matter the amount.  But please, step up and let's help those who need our help.  That's what communities do.  That's what people do.  Help each other. BE the difference of what it means to live in a community that cares.

I believe all three water mains are repaired, but there is still a boil advisory and many Milledgeville restaurants are still closed and waiting for permission from the powers that be as to when they can re-open.

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A challenge to offer some help to some great folks in our community
Today I was checking on line for updates to the current Milledgeville water situation. For the most part when I post a comment on Facebook I get 5 or 10 "likes", but a couple of days ago I posted an offer to give drinking water to anyone… more
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