Hiring local for real estate is best for buyers and sellers

This week I got a call from an agent who was already in our area showing property wanting a "code" to the house he wanted to show. I just happened to be out of town having driving my daughter to a doctor appointment because with torn ligaments in her foot she should not drive. I couldn't pop over and open it.  He didn't call in advance to make the appointment that would have allowed me to add a contractors box for the day.  End result, my sellers lost an opportunity because that agent was too lazy to drive the 5 miles out of way to pick up a day to that house and his buyers lost an opportunity to see the house that could be the "right" house because they didn't hire a local agent.

There are also a couple of companies in my market who don't value the MLS and lockbox keys as part of their "cost of doing business". They make a lot of "hey we're on the lake and at this house can we get in it right now?" because they can't plan because they aren't in the MLS and well... they can't let buyers in the house either.

So if you think hiring your Atlanta agent or even a local agent who isn't a member of local Lake Sinclair/Milledgeville MLS is a good idea you might want to reconsider. If you're in the market to buy on Lake Sinclair you need to hire not only a local agent, but one who is a lockbox key holder of the local MLS. I can't promise we can get you in every listing because some require appointments and from time to time every house on the market might have a reason they have a "no showings today" day.  Recently one of my listings had a wedding reception on the grounds so we had a no showing day. 

There is also the occasional seller who lists with a non local firm who can't put a house in the local MLS and doesn't put a local lockbox on it.  Not sure how many agents from Atlanta those sellers think will be driving 2 hours to show it, but hey... I sometimes can't show those either if they are not occupied. The listing agents think that we local Lake Sinclair folks should "also" be members of the MLS based in Atlanta and not the other way around.  Sorry.

So ask you agent before you commit to work with them... Are you in the local Lake Sinclair MLS?  Do you have a lockbox key?  If the answer to either question is no, really consider your decision to hire them carefully. 


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