Yes, I think I'd like to work for you not that you worked for me

Yesterday when I read Sheila Anderson 's post about Everyone being new at one time, a little spark went off in my brain and I decided to write a post about the journey of some of my agents. I think I'm a good broker. I know I'm a hands on and very knowledgeable about the deals happening in office broker. Any one of my agents can step away for a vacation or family emergency and I can flawlessly pick up that file and move forward without missing a beat. And it doesn't matter if it's 5 contracts or 25 contracts.

I have 9 agents with their license here.  And I want to tell you a little about each of them.  

There's Nancy Ewing, who bought one of our listings as a weekend house when she was licensed and worked in Atlanta. When she and her builder husband moved to the lake full time she decided she'd like to come to work with me.


There is Joe Walton, who formerly owned and ran his own office here on Lake Sinclair. He had a terrible time keeping agents and never got to take any time off and ultimately decided to come to work with me. We're a great fit because he loves to show property and I'm great with paperwork.


Then there is Jennie Kiplinger, who Nancy recruited to our office, who is my REO agent. Nancy warned her I was "going to be in her business" and she wasn't sure she was going to like my style. Turns out she loves my style.


Next is Dorothy Vadas and John Vadas
, also former clients of Lane Realty. Both obtained their license 2 years ago after retiring from other careers. They knew how I did business and although they took their classes under another broker ultimately decided they wanted to work with me.  John is my top producer so far this year in just his second year in real estate. They joined Lane Realty about 6 months apart. John took his class first and Dorothy soon after.

Oh and my Donald Baker is licensed here too. He really didn't have a choice about where he was going to hang his real estate license. I mean after all, he does go home with the broker every night. And he was a real estate groopie for so many years that I decided he needed to be licensed.  He usually goes what I say.


Then there is Justine Greene. She also purchased a Lane Realty listing. The agent that represented her didn't work here, but she decided she wanted to put her license here and not with the company that represented her in her Lake Sinclair home purchase.

Then Tee Shaw.
First licensed in Griffin Georgia and other lake companies would not co-op with him, but Lane Realty happily paid him a commission to sell one of our listings. He decided our attitude was a great fit and moved his license here. 

And Craig Rodgers.  He's a repeat client turned real estate agent. He first purchased a weekend house from me, then a new construction retirement home and sold his weekend house with me. He thought working here was fun, so now he does. (It is fun)

And last, but not least, is Sam Morgan.  Sam is the only agent that I didn't hire. That's right Sam worked for my former broker before I came to work here.  Next spring Sam will celebrate 25 years. Just a few weeks before I celebrate 24 years here. I'm very happy Sam stuck with me when I bought the company in 1995.

So out of those 10 agents all but Sam did business as a client of Lane Realty, as a buyer of our listing via another company, or as a professional colleague and decided this would be a great place to work. I also currently have another former client taking her real estate course that I believe will ultimately hang her license here and come to work with us.

I'd love to also hire an agent who lives in and would like to work in Hancock County. I currently refer about 20 deals a year to other agents in that area and feel that I could help someone be very successful in that market.

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