Halloween, pumpkin carving, bookcase building, and wondering why she called.

My recent vacation was great.  I was so happy to get to spend some time with family.  It also made me realize that if I'm NOT at my office the world isn't going to end.

So I took this weekend off.  It was busy.  Friday I worked just a little late.  My desk had gotten deep since vacation and I was determined to get it back to an orderly chaos.  I had a home inspection.  There were some minor "things", but nothing that would frighten my buyer away.  Then it was a lovely dinner, sad though.  Donald took me to Sylvia's.  It was their last Friday night open.  The owners are going into retirement.  I told them on the way out it was sad.  They said, "oh don't be sad for us."  I explained I was sad for me.  I was going to miss the great meals and great service.

Saturday my Donald and I headed over to my parents house.  I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to build them a book case.  But my Daddy cut and I sanded, sanded, nailed and sanded, puttied and well sanded.  Had lunch with my mom and then came home and made a nice big pot of chili.  Of course there was some pumpkin shopping too.  Then I made goodie bags for my Sunday School children. 

Today was church.  Of course there was the agent who called twice in the span of Sunday School and church to inquire about a listing.  Of course she never showed up at my office to pick up the key that so important she had to call twice about before lunch.  I wonder if her client knows I arranged for the key to be available and she knew that before 1:00?    Then there was more sanding, staining and varnishing.  Thank goodness Donald helped or I'd still be there.   Dinner was simple dogs and fries.  And then there was the carving of the pumpkin.  I'll post a photo of it tomorrow.  It's fabulous.  And it's only 2 and half hours until Halloween.

Hope you have a happy one.  And I'll be back in the office ready to go early in the morning.  I am so glad I had this family weekend.

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