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An alternative to purchasing lake front on Lake Sinclair

Not long ago I got an email asking about public access areas to the lake. This was the email:


We appreciate the information, but after review have decided we simply would not be comfortable putting that much of our savings into a home.  We want to be able to travel when we retire and just can't see putting that much into being on the water.  I saw a few things priced lower on your website that said "lake access", what exactly does lake access mean?  Perhaps this is something that could work for us.


Mr. Johnston

 So I will answer the question here and then you too can know what your options are if your budget doesn't allow for owning waterfront property.

First of all, there are free access areas a couple of places around the lake, one in the photo above, provided by Georgia Power.  There are also several paid places where you can launch your boat.  So there is access to the lake within our community for no additional or low cost.  But there are also a couple of other types...

  1. Deeded Lake Access
  2. HOA access

If your lake community off water property has deeded access it will state it in the deed to the property.There will be one or multiple lots within the subdivision that you actually have an undivided ownership of in your deed.  For example if you owned lot A-25 Possum Point S/D  you would also own 1/250th interest in a lake lot located on Buck Horn within the Possum Point S/D.  That lake lot has a dock and a boat ramp that you have access to use.  You can lauch your boat, fish from the dock, No fees will ever be due on this lot, and no taxes will have to paid on this lot. 

From time to time these lots obviously need maintenance, like gravel, new boards on the dock, but generally speaking you get together will your neighbors and take care of it. My neighborhood has a Property Owners Organization that isn't mandatory that takes care of the access lot in my neighborhood.

There are other Subdivisions where there is no deeded access, but there are gated launch areas that you can belong to the HOA and get a key to the gate.  Occasionally you are lucky enough to get one of these lots that although not waterfront still offers somewhat of a lake view.  That is pretty rare and you are always looking across your neighbors yard to have this view. And if you are lucky enough to find an available off water property that offers a view you can expect to pay more for it that one that offers no view.

So even if your budget won't allow for living on Lake Sinclair, you might want to consider a lake access lot and have the best of both worlds... very affordable housing and someone else to do the maintenance of the lake lot you get to use.

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An alternative to purchasing lake front on Lake Sinclair
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