Columns, Culture and Lake Country... why you'll love living where I do

What's to love about living in the heart of Central Georgia?  So much, but I've been asked to choose three photos to lure you into feeling the same about my neck of the woods so here goes.

I'll start with the rich history behind our city of columns.  Milledgeville is one of only two cities in the country that was designed and built as a capital. It served as capital from 1804 to 1868 after the legislature of 1803 called for the survey and establishment of a city named after the then Governor John Milledge.  This beautiful building now is the center of Georgia Military College and downtown Milledgeville is still a beautiful historic treasure with many 19th century homes still standing and a huge historic district that protects the rich unique beauty of the area.  The featured photo in this post is the former Governor's Mansion. It's still open for tours and I've been lucky enough to get to have dinner and drinks there a few times with my Donald. The other local college, Georgia College and State University has dinner theater tickets annually that allow for a lovely dinner there and then a play at Russell Auditorium or even the Campus Black Box Theater that is converted from a former movie house where I saw movies on dates as a teenager.

Next, now does this look photo worthy? Yes you eat first with you eyes and Aubry Lane's the platting is always top notch. The wine Selection is wonderful and it has a fantastic chef/owner.  It's my go to date night place. It's also my go to you want to visit and go out to dinner place. The service is always wonderful.  For small town America it's not always easy to be successful with this kind of restaurant, but Jason Medders is very successful and also has a second restaurant in town too. I'm pretty suck on my go to dish of pecan crusted trout, but Donald is adventurous and I always try what he's having and it's always been good.

There are a few other places in town in my go to list that I love to dine at with Jackson's at Lake Sinclair being one of them. It's one of only two places where you can take your boat for dinner.   But for being in small town we have lots of culture and plenty of great food. 

Speaking of the lake... doesn't that view just sooth your soul? It always does mine. I won't get into the details of my day and the final walkthrough gone wrong, but I know that the lake will wash it all away at the end of the day. Even if I just get close to it when I walk my dogs this evening when I get home. My most peaceful place is out in the lake before the sunset in my kayak with Donald. It's a time I treasure. Lake living, is the best living. I have a sign in my office that a dear friend gave to me that says LIFE is better AT THE LAKE.  It's really true. 

Living in this community, growing up here, and raising my family here has been amazing. I'm not an "account" at my bank, I'm a person, they greet me by name when I walk in the door. When I show property I always know who the neighbors are because we're ALL neighbors at Lake Sinclair. We have a community facebook page with nearly 6000 members and we plan "get togethers".  We've had them at local restaurants, lake lots and even homes. People wave at each other, people are friendly here. It's a great place to live.

Now don't all call at once, but anyone who is captivated by my little neck of woods... call me... I'm sure I can help you find your little slice of our paradise.

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