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Ask an Ambassador: I have my blogging feet now, do I still need AR?

So you've heard ActiveRain is the "for newbies" blogging platform eh?  I've read over and over n Facebook groups that "ActiveRain is a good place to start, get your feet wet, learn" with the advice to move on after you learn.

questionsWell my opinion is different.  First, let me state, it IS a great place to start and learn.  BUT there is so much to keep you coming back to your blog on ActiveRain even after you have started a site with a blog somewhere else (like wordpress) on your own. My personal top ten reasons listed here:

  1. The relationships with other people that can ultimately lead to referral sources
  2. I learn something new here every time I read a few blogs, people here share information daily
  3. Boot-camp and webinars (more free learning folks)
  4. The SEO of ActiveRain pushing your blog to higher rankings
  5. The legitimate link-backs to your primary site
  6. The professional relationships that turn into friendships
  7. Learning from some of the best and brightest in the business who blog here
  8. The product reviews (the best place in the word to research the best camera for real estate, the best place to figure out which video maker to use for real estate) These things were very instrumental to my purchases and software choices from reading reviews on them
  9. Contests (may seem silly, but this month one of the requirements was calling other members on the phone and that's been some of my best learning experiences in the past 21 days)
  10. Topics to blog about inspiration.  It's so nice to find a post that inspires me about a subject to write about for my own area.  This week it was Liz and Bill Spear's post about doors and entry ways written pointed at sellers.  I've been working toward building an arsenal of posts pointed at sellers and "first impressions" mean a lot when buyers get out of the car and walk into your home.  Great topic and you can look my post on the subject next week. I find inspiration here almost daily.

 So for those folks who brag about outgrowing ActiveRain... good for you.  I appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn I have here daily and I love the people I've met here.  Many of which I now feel I can turn to on a professional level for advice and many of which I enjoy my friendship with very much.  I'll continue on here with a my blog.  All my eggs aren't in this basket and that's not what I'm saying, so don't think it is.  But why in the world would abandon a place that continues to offer SO MUCH?

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Ask an Ambassador: I have my blogging feet now, do I still need AR?
So you've heard ActiveRain is the "for newbies" blogging platform eh? I've read over and over n Facebook groups that "ActiveRain is a good place to start, get your feet wet, learn" with the advice to move on after you learn. Well my opinion is… more
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