Pray for Peace....

Do you remember how our country came together after 9-11-2001? I sure do.  We all came together and went to church and prayed and hung American flags and prayed for our leaders and loved our neighbors. 



Now would be a perfect time to find that spirit again.  Let's not be divided, let's all come together and pray for peace.  Watch this video and watch Reba's face as she sings the heartfelt words "Pray for Peace". I was inspired to write this by Susan Mangigian posing it on Facebook.  I challenge you too, to post it, post in your blog, post it on facebook, pin it, tweet it and pray for peace, I challenge you to honestly and earnestly pray for peace.  I believe prayers are answered and I think when we pray as a nation our prayers will  be answered.

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Pray for Peace…
Do you remember how our country came together after 9-11-2001? I sure do. We all came together and went to church and prayed and hung American flags and prayed for our leaders and loved our neighbors. Now would be a… more
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