Get in the house "any way you can" was all the permission I needed

I had an appointment this morning. Because it was raining a bit, my buyers called to confirm I would still be meeting them (making sure I wasn't going to flake out because of weather) and of course I confirmed. If you know me, you know I'm NOT going to melt in a little rain.

I do try to arrive early for my appointments, especially when I have not seen the home to make myself familiar with it before buyers arrive.  Well I drove there about 20 minutes early this morning and pointed my ekey at the lockbox with my code entered and it said... "press key container" like it always does and I reached for it and ooops, it was NOT there. Slowing the time was ticking down until the buyers would arrive.

I called the listing agent and left her a message.  She called me back in just a couple of minutes. It was between these phone calls that my buyers (also a little early) arrived.  And then she called and left a message for the owner and called me back to say she hadn't reached the owner.  Then her phone beeped and it was the owner calling her back.  A half dozen phone calls later and the owner was going to bring another key.  By this time we'd discovered that the "key and lockbox container" were inside on the kitchen counter.  Yup, could see them right through the window. It was going to take the owner about 40 minutes to arrive.  Buyers didn't want to see any other homes.  So I discovered this temporary repair to a missing window pane in one of the back doors. 

So a few minutes with a screwdriver and we were inside.  I wouldn't have wanted anyone to take a photo of me squeezing through that hole, but I made it, unlocked the door and let the buyers inside.  While they looked around down stairs I replaced the wood and when we left the lockbox had the key inside again.  I called the listing agent to ask for permission to remove the panel before I did so and she said, "get in any way you can" and so I did.  I also called her as soon as I had gotten inside so the owner could stay home. 

Real Estate is certainly an intersting business.  The listing agent and I had a laugh about having not met a house we couldn't get in.  She was certainly glad I saved the buyer a trip and made the house available for showings again.  Now I'm waiting on a plat and disclosures.  Because while this diamond in the rough needs a little work, it's got potential and acreage.

So how is your Saturday going?


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