The death penalty - Justice for Mark MacPhail

Tonight my husband is home.  I'm grateful my husband is home.  He has spent the last 20 years of his life in law enforcement.  He has both in the military and for the state of Georgia put his life on the line in order to serve and protect.  Friday he will be doing it again.  Every single day when my husband goes to work I know I face the possibility he will not come home.  My daughter is also on duty today.  She is an EMT.  When she gets a call of someone being shot or stabbed and goes to help she's not always safe. She is also a fire fighter and puts her life on the line when called.  I am aware you or I could be hit by a bus tomorrow or even shot by a criminal at our jobs, but in the normal scheme of things it is less likely than a person who is a soldier, law enforcement, first responder or fire fighter getting killed.

Moments from now I am hopeful officials will step out of Jackson state prison and announce that Troy Davis has been executed.  His family will be in grief and I do feel bad for them.  I don't really have an opinion of his guilt or innocence, I was not on the jury and I did not hear the evidence.  But I do believe in our system and he was convicted by a jury of his peer.  And the family of Mark MacPhail count too.  Mark's son grew up without his father and he deserves justice.  Maybe you don't believe in the death penalty and I won't try and change your mind.  I do.  If my husband or my daughter lose their life in an accident, I would be sad, but I would know they lived their lives doing what they love to do, helping and protecting others.  But if my husband or daughter were murdered by a criminal, justice would be the life of the person who murdered them. 

I'm not happy that the supreme court is delaying (again) the justice for this family.  And I won't engage in argument of his guilt or innocence with anyone on this post.  As I said, I didn't hear the evidence and it's not my place to decide if he is guilty.  That was done.  He's had appeal after appeal to and now past the Georgia Supreme Court.  I hope for the MacPhail family to have closure and justice tonight.  In my conversation with God today I did ask for peace, grace and mercy for both the families though.  The conviction was 22 years ago.  I know the Davis family is in turmoil, but so is the MacPhail family.  It's time for it to be over.  And I believe this is state matter and should not even be heard by the supreme court. I am not trying to change any opinions on this, but I do think I have a unique view since my Donald and my Abigail face danger and hate every single day. 

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Comment balloon 15 commentsTammy Lankford • September 21 2011 07:38PM
The death penalty - Justice for Mark MacPhail
Tonight my husband is home. I'm grateful my husband is home. He has spent the last 20 years of his life in law enforcement. He has both in the military and for the state of Georgia put his life on the line in order to serve and protect. Friday… more