The perfect love ... among all us imperfect people!

"Words can be the vessels of some of the most powerful human thinking and there are only three words in this entire universe that matter.  I love you"- Donald Baker

I can see my Donald across the room.  Later this month I will have been his bride for 9 years.  And yes, I'm still his bride and that's the love we share.  Not a single time do we part without a kiss, not a single phone call does not end with I love you.  He even kisses me when I am sleeping when he leaves the house for work at 5 a.m.  I know because sometimes I wake for a few seconds before slipping back to sleep.  A girl couldn't even dream of a more perfect happily ever after than the one I am living every day.  I got the fairy tale. 

The last few weeks have been rough.  It started at 3 a.m.  on April 28th.  I woke my husband as a tornado brushed just over our house and toppled trees all over our yard, my neighborhood and my community.  I thought that was bad until just after three that afternoon my daughter called to say that her cousin, my nephew who was just 18 had died in a car accident.    And as I was just catching my breath I got another call this past Thursday that my cousin Randy Lankford had passed away of a massive heart attack.  He was just 45 years old.  Again I found myself having to remind myself to breathe in and breathe out. 

And in the midst of dealing with my feelings I am sure I was short with people and had plenty of bad days.  One of my agents lost her father-in-law and one that had just retired lost her mom.  And yet even another agent in my office is dealing with her mom falling and breaking her hip and being in a rehab center after surgery and needing more and constant looking after.  So in a time when I should be taking some time for me I found myself working more, not less.  I let things go.  My desk became a mess again.  My house became a mess.  I'd get home walk the dogs and make some pitiful excuse for dinner and try to keep the dishwasher ready for more dirty dishes. 

My Donald never complained.  He often called and asked if I wanted take out for dinner.  He never complained on the days when I looked at him with tearful eyes and said... "I'm not cooking".  He comforted me on the days I needed it and gave me space to have my grief on the days I needed that.  He held me up on the days I had to stand in a funeral home.  He wiped away my tears.  He even bought me some chick flicks and watched them with me.

I have been working with a couple of buyers during this time that have resulted in many long days due to their schedules of only being able to view properties after they get off work.  I also had a few new listings during this time and Donald made copies of my keys, put up my signs, He even cut up my watermelon and picked out the 1000 seeds of the "it was supposed to be seedless" watermelon that made me cry. 

This morning I got up late, I had a morning appointment so I ran out the door without even the smallest amount of housework to prepare for my appointment.  Donald came to the office late this afternoon to take off the office trash and took me out to an early dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.  Then when we got home he went in first and left to walk the dogs while I was unloading a book I just finished from my CD player. 

I entered the house as usual through the laundry room and stepped around the corner into my kitchen and it was shiny.  All straightened, cleaned... even mopped and Donald hates mopping.  And when he got home from walking the dogs he snuggled and watched a chick flick with me again.  So to quote a very wise man, I have just three little words to say to my Donald.



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Comment balloon 27 commentsTammy Lankford • June 07 2011 12:17AM
The perfect love.. among all us imperfect people!
"Words can be the vessels of some of the most powerful human thinking and there are only three words in this entire universe that matter. I love you"- Donald Baker I can see my Donald across the room. Later this month I will have… more