Short Sale- another one closed on Lake Sinclair

I love this photo.  It's peaceful, like Lake Sinclair.  Even on the most difficult of days at the office I go home and walk my dogs and unwind and stop and they have a drink from the lake.  In the summer time they also have a swim from time to time.  But just to watch the water is so relaxing.  I've needed that lately.  That method of getting the "day" out of my system so I am not tense all evening.

The deal is done though!  It closed.  It started closing BEFORE Thanksgiving when the buyer in California signed her documents and overnighted them back.  It finished yesterday afternoon at about 4:55 p.m., but my attorney is excellent and he still got the package out via UPS so that  he could disburse funds. 

It was a tough one. 

There have not been a ton of short sales in my area and I must admit there were moments befroe approval that I was not sure if I was the best firm to be negotiating on behalf of a buyer.  And then after initial approval but after the inspection we had to renegotiate and have some repairs made to get loan approval and adjust the price on other items not needed for loan approval.  We worked that out. In the end, I know my buyer had great reprentation and I did a good job.  She's happy with the house and the great price.

Then we had the entire flood insurance drama.  The bank said it was, the insurance company said FEMA said it wasn't in the flood zone.  It was just a little bit stressful.  I really needed to sit on the dock and listen the water lap along the shore.  That sound can drown out the worst stress. 

Then we ran up against the legistics of getting the package dated correctly for closing because it was a buyer mail away.  And the timing of getting it to and from out of state buyer over a holiday weekend (did you know UPS does NOT deliver on Thanksgiving Day for Pete's sake?).  But finally we closed yesterday and today we are working toward getting the home ready for winter for the new buyer who will not occupy it for over another year. 

Through all the problems I had faith that this deal would work out, because it was meant to be.  At times I'm sure there were people who had doubts, maybe even the buyer, but today the keys were released and all is well.

If you have a lot of stress... consider a move to Lake Sinclair.  It's a great place to wash your troubles away at the end of the day.

And if you need to sell a home that the value is no longer equal to or greater than your loan amount and you are in financial trouble and must sell that home, call me.  I'll be happy to meet and talk with you and see if you might qualify for a short sale.  I'll even help you with a package of documents for your lender.

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Comment balloon 20 commentsTammy Lankford • December 01 2010 06:36PM
Short Sale- another one closed on Lake Sinclair
I love this photo. It's peaceful, like Lake Sinclair. Even on the most difficult of days at the office I go home and walk my dogs and unwind and stop and they have a drink from the lake. In the summer time they also have a swim from time to… more