I hope all the serial commenters get to read this post

I hope all the serial commenters get to read this post. You remember "Dig'Em" the Sugar Smacks frog.  Well for the purposes of this post I'll be calling cereal serial commenters "dig'em" cause they dig those 25 points that 50 characters can get them.

My Point... (originally the end of this post) is that you shouldn't comment unless you read the ENTIRE post.  You could be not only looking like the "dig'em" cereal frog hopping around collecting 25 points on 10 posts in 5 minutes with your paste feature (yes we know you change one word sometimes), but you might actually HURT someones' feelings and come off looking like a total asshat.  And my very smart husband says people are either an "asset" or an "asshat"  When you are commenting which one are you?

I've been butting my nose in places you might think it doesn't belong for as long as I can remember.  My first "grown-up" job when I was no longer a student was bookkeeper at a middle school.  The principal that hired me taught me to get up from my desk and go out into the hall to help manage the children between classes.  So when the bell rang up and out I went.  One day I made the decision to actually step into that girl fight.  I think I took a fist to both sides of my face.  And not too long ago I told a young man in a Wal-Mart parking lot that he needed to have more respect for himself and others and that he should pull up his pants.

Recently I was reading a post.  As to not point out any single "dig'em" ActiveRain member I won't link the post. Many of you will recognize it though.  I left a comment on that post but it was to the author, not to "dig'em" who stopped by for his 25 points.  I sent "dig'em" an email.  I think my e-email was referred to as rude and vulgar.  And well if the word asshat is rude and vulgar then maybe he was right, but I'll take rude and vulgar over asshat any time.

The aforementioned post began talking about SEO and social networking (which can be and is very real estate related) but, the post about three or four paragraphs down strayed into the personal nature.  And knowing the person who typed it a little I bet that was difficult.  You see it strayed to "my brother in law is having brain surgery this week" and I've set up a Facebook support page for support and prayers.  It went on to say that the author was touched and overwhelmed by not only his virtual ActiveRain and Facebook "friends" saying prayers and posting positive messages, but friends of friends who were random strangers.    It was a very personal and touching message of friendship and one of the unexpected benefits of love and compassion that can be found among the pages of ActiveRain and even Facebook.


wait for it...

there it was...

"that" comment... 

(paraphrased, but on target) 

"Great information, thanks for posting, I enjoyed it"


Of course I'm not making it up.  I know it's crazy, but it really happened.  And from the beginning I told you I butted in.  I did not, as others did, comment but instead chose to send an email.  Yes it was strong, but I was so hurt and sad for my friend who had that thoughtless comment collecting 25 points on his very touching post that I just typed and hit send and it was done.  I generally say what I think anyway.  Initially I got a stupid email back from "dig'em" that said he didn't remember any post about brain surgery and that I must be under a lot of stress.  But he eventually did go back and apologize on the original post.  And giving credit where it is due, an apology was called for in that instance. 

In a totally unrelated but similar incident a local news story recently had comments left by people who had obviously not read more than the headline in a story and were totally NOT appropriate.  I'm sureman of the comments offended the family in the story that was the victim of a horrible crime. I'm not sure how people can't realize others can SEE what you type and people with heart and compassion are going to think you are an idiot.  Everything is NOT a debate and doesn't have two sides.

My point... oh wait, they aren't still reading if I put it here are they?  rework....

*Normally I would save my Point for the end of my post, but for "dig'em" folks, the drive by commenters who only scan that first paragraph, I didn't want them to miss my point.

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I hope all the serial commenters get to read this post
I hope all the serial commenters get to read this post. You remember "Dig'Em" the Sugar Smacks frog. Well for the purposes of this post I'll be calling cereal serial commenters "dig'em" cause they dig those 25 points that 50… more