sssssssssssssssssss... what's that noise?

This morning I woke up to an unfamiliar noise in my house.  Sounded like the computer running in the dark in slumber of sleep.  Nope, that's not it.  So I stumble into the kitchen and oops the floor is covered with water.  My mind immediately goes to my ice maker connection behind the refrigerator... the water seems to be flowing, yes flowing, from that direction.  So I move the refrigerator by myself (picture me flexing my muscle saying I am woman) and turn off the cut off.  Unfortunately I can now see the water is actually flowing under the wall.... from the area where my water heater is located. 

So I run outside in my night gown to turn the water off.  (sorry you missed that).  First call is to my mother... she makes everything better.  Second call... or actually attempted call was meant for my husband, but I got some stupid computer and when I pressed "4" to talk to a human... I was disconnected.  I throw all of our clean towels on the floor and take the dogs outside.  Then I get dressed and hop in the car and drive to the office (where I have to be for Internet access these days- thank you AT&T again for disconnected my DSL by accident and taking two weeks to turn it back on) so I can try to locate a different phone number to call my husband.

So I finally get a human and I ask her "Is this XXXXX State Prison?" (My husband is a correctional officer) and she said:


me:  well I need to be connected to XXXXX State Prison because we have an emergency at home


me:  water heater sprung a lead and there is huge desk in front of the panel and I can't move it by myself to get in there and see exactly where the water is coming from, I need him to come home.


me: (bursting into a mix of tears and laughter) Umm, he works there, he's not an inmate.


I was then put through to the captain who graciously had my husband call me and he came home.  My Daddy also came, but the two of them soon discovered it wasn't something simple like a pipe... it was the death of my water heater.  So 6 hours and $775.00 later I have a new water heater installed and a mess to clean up when I get home.

And if you know me... I always look for that silver lining... even in the darkest of clouds.  So today on Thankful Thursday (I love that group) I am thankful for Bobby Burns @ LAKESIDE PLUMBING 706-485-4448  He had someone at my house in less than 10 minutes from my phone call.  Thank you Bobby.  I appreciate you.  I am also thankful for two more things... I perhaps will be taking a much needed vacation next month, I am thankful this didn't happen while I was away.  And I am thankful for this little "reminder" to turn off the water when I am away.  And I am thankful for my Donald who is at home and cleaning up the mess and pulling up the carpet and getting the space dry again. 

And speaking of sssssssssss...  in case you are wondering what that photo has to do with anything... yesterday my dog Laney and I happened along about the same time this little fella was leaving my yard to go to my neighbor's yard across the street.  I'm thankful he left and thankful that my dog alerted me to him (I don't always pay attention to where I'm walking) and thankful it was leaving my yard and not coming over for dinner.

And in other good news... when I asked the magic 8 ball if this was the end of the bad stuff... it's reply was:



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