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10 reasons to hire a local buyers' agent when buying on Lake Sinclair

You want to buy a home on Lake Sinclair.  Who is the best person for you to call and why? Should you use your friend down the street who is an agent in Atlanta? Should you use the agent you bought your current home in Augusta Georgia? NO NO NO NO AND MORE NO.  Should you use your sister who is an agent in Griffin? again  NO!  yes, I am yelling about it.

Here's what can go wrong for you the buyer when you use an agent who isn't local to the property.

  1. You over pay because your agent has no idea about the local values and hasn't reviewed the comparable sales
  2. You buy in an area where you are stuck on the wrong side of the bridge on the lake because your boat will NOT fit under that bridge and your agent didn't ask about what kind of boat you had or know about the low bridge
  3. Your bank won't loan on the second home on the lake because part of it is a lease lot and your agent doesn't even know what means, nor do they know a lender to recommend that will loan on that house you love
  4. What do you mean your agent didn't tell you that this house might have to have flood insurance because it's that level lot you were looking to buy. Nope, your contract is NOT contingent upon it NOT being in the flood zone, sorry.
  5. Yes, it is part of Lake Sinclair, but no you can't access the rest of the lake by boat because there is not bridge from here to there.  What?  your agent didn't tell you that.
  6. No the listing agent is not required to let you in to see the property for the inspection if you hire an out of town agent they will need to attend measuring appointments and inspections.
  7. You want to know where to get gravel? know where to eat? who works on your boat?  Hmmm, your agent isn't going to know those answers.
  8. Can't see some of the home you'd like to see because your agent can't get to the key in the lockbox and the listing agent is busy with another appointment or that company doesn't co-broke outside the MLS?  Yup, you may not get to see the house that would have been perfect for you.
  9. Nope you can't put up a fence in that neighborhood, oh your agent didn't get you a copy of the covenants, sorry.
  10. Your "friend/neighbor/relative" agent isn't really working FOR you if they try to represent you in an area where they don't work and belong to the MLS, they are really just making a commission off of you at your expense.  It would be in YOUR best interest to have your out of area agent make a referral fee from us at closing and let us get you the best deal on the the best house to fit your needs.

So if you want to buy a house and you have an agent that isn't a local agent, think long and hard about what's best for you in the long run.  We'll be happy to pay your agent a referral fee if they contract us before you contact us on your own. 

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