Making the right offer on that Lake Sinclair home

The other day when I was walking my dogs on a night that Donald was working late I spotted a bird that had died on the edge of the road and had to carefully walk my dogs by it so that they didn't notice it and try to get it.  Once upon a time my Great Dane Glen got a dead squirrel in his mouth and well, let's leave it at the struggle was real.  The next day when I was walking my dogs the bird was still there and there was a dead squirrel in the roadway. My choice was to walk on the wrong side of the road with traffic or the thread the needle and manage to get both Glen and Laney between the two things while maintaining control without pulling my back out. I was successful.

Now what in the world does that has to do with an offer? 

Well that threading the needle as a buyers' agent between getting the best price for your buyer without insulting the sellers which can just end negotiations before they start. It's important for the buyers to know what the comparable property prices for the past six month. It's important that the listing agent understand we don't pull offer prices out of thin air, but actually look at the comparable sales prices. 

I've had buyers get upset when their offer just got accepted. "Are we paying too much?"  Of course you are not, I showed you the numbers. We wrote a strong offer based on the recent sales of like homes and we showed the listing agent and seller that we were offering a fair price. We added reasonable requests for due diligence and financing contingencies... what was not to like about our offer?  If we'd gone in low ball chances are the seller would have felt insulted and not negotiated to the fair price we offered.

Making an offer shouldn't be like throwing pasta at the wall and hoping something sticks.  Of course there are sellers out there who might have their backs to the wall and be in a desperate situation and take a low ball offer once in a blue moon. However, I don't recommend that method as it's a risk without calculation and just like that house made a first impression on you the buyer, your initial offer makes a similar impression on the sellers.

It's a careful walk to find the sweet spot between the bird and squirrel, uh I mean between the offer and the price acceptable to the sellers.  Sometimes buyers don't or won't listen to this advice in the beginning and they are the ultimate person in control of the offers we submit.  But after a few flat out rejections after insulting a few sellers they generally catch on that we know of what we speak.


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Making the right offer on that Lake Sinclair home
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