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A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass

A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass!

Just imagine... for a moment... you get off early the week before Labor Day and head out to your lake property to enjoy a super long holiday weekend with your family.  On Thursday morning you turn the alarm clock and roll over and go back to sleep.  A noise wakes you and you open your eyes to find a face pressed up against your bedroom window peering inside at you.

Of course there were screams on both sides of the window and guess who got the phone call?  No, it wasn't the police.  It was the listing Broker.  That's right, it was me that got the call from the angry client.

Sometimes at the office someone will come to the door of my business where there is an open sign, an agent on duty sign, lots of cars in the parking lot and an unlocked door and knock.  Of course we open the door and invite them inside.  I bet there are not the same people ignoring the SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT sign and trespassing on private property.

A home being on the market doesn't make it a free to trespass zone.  Sometimes owners allow buyers to walk and look at the property.  I have a home where the blinds are drawn and the screened porch is locked and the boathouse is enclosed and locked and they ALWAYS call and let me know when they will be using their lake property.  They allow me to tell people who phone from the street to walk around and look at the outside.  And usually the neighbors call each time unless the people actually see the neighbors and introduce themselves and say they have talked to the folks at Lane Realty.

People hire a real estate firm for lots of reasons, but one of those reasons is to only allow qualified buyers to tour their homes.  They don't just want every TOM, DICK and HARRY showing up at 9 a.m. and peering through the window.  They don't want potential buyers to walk around their homes without being accompanied by an agent.  It's really easy to find homes on the market at Lake Sinclair.  You can check out my website and the link to the  entire Lake Sinclair MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and find the homes in your price range.  Then please call first and I'd be happy to take you to tour homes in your qualified price range.  And if you want to just stop by the office and pick up a map and drive around to check out neighborhoods first, that's fine too.  But when you get to properties that you don't have permission to see, please just stay in your car on the public roads.  If you decide you would like to see more, just give us a call and we'd be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Just remember to always put the shoe on the other foot.  If you were sleeping in would you want to wake up to someone peering inside your window, or would you prefer they call an agent who will call you to make an appointment to see your home so that you can tidy up and leave to allow them to view your home?  We'd love to show you the homes we have listed, but help us to respect the owners by calling first to make an appointment.

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A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass
A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass! Just imagine… for a moment… you get off early the week before Labor Day and head out to your lake property to enjoy a super long holiday weekend with your family. On Thursday… more