If I don't know, I know how to find out at Lake Sinclair

A while ago I had a call from a buyer from about 11 years ago.  That's a guess, because I didn't look it up.  When I heard his name I did remember that he purchased from Shirley on N. Steel Bridge.  He had a question.  Off the top of my head I didn't know who to call to fix a small section of his gutter he was having problems with, but I did know who to call to find out. So after a quick phone call I called him back and left him the information and phone number on his voice mail.

Lots of times I get questions from not only past clients and current clients, but sometimes just random strangers.
  Sometimes they've read something on my blog and want to inquire further and sometimes they haven't used Google at all, but just figure that real estate office they have been driving by on Pea Ridge for 20+ years might have the answer.  I don't always have the answer, but I am always willing to try to find the answer.  Last week must have been lawn mower break down week ... a past client called and I gave her two numbers and in half an hour while she had called me back to tell me she'd gotten someone... she showed up to cut the grass.

Last summer , my husband called me and told me we had a cracked water pipe in our crawl space.  Of course I knew who to call:  Joel Carroll.  478-968-7555.  If you don't have water... you will be priority to him and he will come as soon as he can.  It was about 3 1/2 hours before he arrived at my house that afternoon, but he didn't leave until we again had water flowing (in only the places it is supposed to be- ie inside the pipes). 

Of course there is also the list of "no I really can't recommend them" people too.  For example, for years I've NOTHING but problems with a particular propane company.  Hard to believe that I still had problems since I purchased my tanks and fired them as my vendor four years ago.  But from time to time I still get a bill.  I got one 4 months ago for tank rental.  I called, they accepted my verbal "But I purchased my tank" and told me it was taken care of then.  Three months ago they required I find the 3 year old proof of the purchase, so I found the invoice, found the copy of the canceled check and faxed it to them.  Two months ago I faxed it all again.  Yesterday... I raised my voice and told them if they send the bill to collections and damage my credit I intend to hire an attorney. 

So if you are in the Lake Sinclair area and you have a "house problem" and don't know who to call...  Try Lane Realty and if we don't have the answer at  our fingertips to give you a number then we won't stop until until we find out who can help you solve your house problem. And of course we might also save you some time and grief by telling you who NOT to call too for any given problem. And if I don't know who to call, I know where to find out who to call.  I have a great network of friends who are happy to give me their recommendations if you come up with something out of the ordinary.

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If I don't know, I know how to find out at Lake Sinclair
A while ago I had a call from a buyer from about 11 years ago. That's a guess, because I didn't look it up. When I heard his name I did remember that he purchased from Shirley on N. Steel Bridge. He had a question. Off the top of my head I didn… more