Can I just sell my Lake Sinclair home furnished?

In our local real estate market it is not uncommon to see homes being advertised with furniture included. Many times these homes are a vacation home for the sellers and they have no place to put all that furniture if the buyers don't want it. 

So this is a very common question that people listing homes ask.  There is a lot to consider when selling a home furnished and different people have very different opinions about what what "furnished" means. I've had the following things occur that I'd like to tell you about.

I've had buyers call after the fact and ask "where is the television?" Well the television isn't "furniture", it's a personal item. 

I've had buyers expect boats and personal water crafts when a description said the home was furnished. Nope those items are not furniture either.

I've had sellers who didn't even want to clean out the closets and take their clothing.

I've had sellers who didn't want to take their used linens and coffee pots and dishes either.

There is also of course the matter that banks do NOT want furniture included on a sales agreement because they aren't in the business of financing dining room tables.

So my advice to sellers is "some furnishings negotiable" in the description.  We also include a notation in the private agent to agent remarks that any request for furnishings be made on a separate bill of sale (which is included in our state forms) for the amount of $10 or other sum they want to offer. Our bill of sale in always contingent upon the real estate deal closing.  So if they buyer doesn't close on the real property they can't still have your boat and lawn mower for $10. 

My advice to both buyers and sellers is to be VERY specific when you are negotiating for items other than the real property on the bill of sale. Don't say "living room furniture" and expect the lamps and television to be left. If you are asking for the lamp and television it needs to be spelled out.

Then of course is the "but I don't want to have to move my furniture" sellers we encounter on listings where the buyer says "and I don't want their furniture". So we've compiled a list of local charity organizations that you can have pick up or make arrangements for delivery to and get a tax donation form that you will be able to use if you itemize. 

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