I love when the clients become... well, family

I honestly don't remember the date, which is highly unusual for me.  What I do remember is I was driving home from dinner out and my phone rang.  And when I answered the young woman was sort of taken aback that I answered my phone after 7 pm.  I fondly have always referred to her as Connecticut. 

She wanted "waterfront" property to go with her paddle board and some how she found Lake Sinclair.  Not only am I happy she did, so is my daughter. 

Elizabeth and I talked on the phone for a long time that night and several times again over the next few weeks until she planned her come to Georgia to see property day.  Yes day.  Yes she was going to find a house in ONE day.

Not being a happy morning person (me) we agreed on 10 am to get started when she arrived.  And I don't remember how many homes we actually looked at that day, but some of them were stand out for a variety of reasons.  One smelled like something dead was in the house, in the walls or under the house.  It was awful.  So that one wasn't the ONE.  We ended up seeing the ONE twice that day and it was where we ended up.  It was a long 12 hour day without stopping for lunch too.  But at the end of that long day she went off to her AirBNB for the night and Donald got to meet her because he came and we went to the Waffle House for dinner.

I tried to be proactive with answering and anticipating questions for this lovely first time home buyer. Today her house is still a work in progress and I can't wait to see what it looks like when she gets finished with remodeling and changing it.  I got her connected with a fabulous loan officer that was amazing at helping make the deal work.

I also have vivid memories of closing day.  She came with her dad driving the moving truck and maybe even towing one of her vehicles.  Closing was smooth and I've been there for questions on "new roof", "new door" etc. along the way.  I tried to connect her with people to find a place for her horse, and thought that introducing her to my daughter would be a good idea because they were of similar ages. Now Elizabeth is just family.  The first photo is the wedding party dress.  The second is the end of night after the wedding we were dog tired and yet still smiling family photo.

When my daughter bought her first house Elizabeth was there with us to celebrate at dinner that night. Now she's looking forward to being "Aunt Elizabeth" when my grandson arrives in April. So from client to family and one of my favorite transactions.  Not so much for the transaction, but the getting another daughter kind of person in our family.

Our motto is "we treat you like family" at Lane Realty.  I know she'd recommend me and her loan officer in a heartbeat.  

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