A southern fairy tale... y'all ain't gonna believe this....

You know sometimes in the south people say "hold my beer" and do something stupid.  Well my craziest transaction ever is like the owner said "hold my beer and watch me go off my meds".  It wasn't "MY" listing, but I was the broker so it was one of my agent's listings.  She got an appointment for me and I showed the house.  It was an investor buyer and the house needed a remodel and it was in days of buy, fix, flip.

Showing went well and we got an offer.  Listing agent called, no answer, called again, no answer, no answering machine picking up, seller did not have cell phone.  So we called his soon to be X wife at work and she said "oh he's off his meds".  So we both went over.  

When we arrived we were met by him naked, with a gun at the door.  Obviously we retreated. He was a vietnam veteran with bipolar disorder and possibly PTSD also. So I called the court house and talked to a judge to find out what we could do because the last thing I wanted to happen was for my seller to hurt himself.  Also he had a German Sheppard and we gave the judge this information as well.  We also didn't want anything bad to happen to the dog who might think he was defending his master.  The soon to be X did agree to meet us there with the sheriff's office.  

There was a fight, but he did get taken into custody. He was at the jail for about 36 hours before being transferred to a medical facility and committed with my and the agents' signatures saying we were afraid he might hurt us and/or himself.  The dog went with his son to stay while he was committed.  

After just a couple of days back on his meds he signed the contract. The closing attorney had to go to the medical facility two times, once to meet with his doctor saying he was of sound mind to make a decision about selling his home and a second time to get closing documents signed. 

The buyer actually went into the house after closing and carefully packed his belongings and paid for them to be in storage for 60 days.  About 30 days later he was released and we gave him the key to his belongings. 

That investor was one that had been a "go to the listing agent" before that purchase, but when she knew what we did for that seller and for that transaction to work she became a client and not a customer.  I went on to do 16 transactions with her and help her study for her broker's exam after she became an agent.  She's a commercial agent who still refers residential business to me frequently. 

If this seller was still alive I probably wouldn't be telling this story, but since he's not I thought I'd share the story of having to have a seller legally and forcefully committed against his will. It was definately one of the most crazy transactions ever.  And it's not the only seller who has been forcefully in a medical center when they sold their house.  Had another who was committed for drug rehab after that and knew the drill, knew when we got the offer that we'd have to get a document for recording that he was of sound mind when he signed the offer and the power of attorney for his mother to sign the closing documents for him.

We as agents are always coming across new experiences and this one helped me grow and I was able to help someone in the middle of a crisis to come out on the other side in time. It helped me be prepared for someone in my family with mental health issues later in my life. Some times this business is complicated, but I don't walk away from complicated, I try to help.

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A southern fairy tale… y'all ain't gonna believe this…
You know sometimes in the south people say "hold my beer" and do something stupid. Well my craziest transaction ever is like the owner said "hold my beer and watch me go off my meds". It wasn't "MY" listing, but I was… more