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Recently a past client of Lane Realty (a retired agent) listed their home with another firm.  It's a home and a neighborhood (I grew up there) that I know well.  And within a few days one of my agents wrote an offer.  We negotiated for a week or so and then had a contract.  When the inspection was scheduled our buyer could not attend, but the agent from my firm attended the inspection and the sellers were there as well.  They mentioned to my agent they listed with a firm with "more agents" believing that to be the best choice.

But as it turned out the "more agents" firm didn't have a buyer for their property after all. And after listening to them at the inspection my agent also found out that the first two offers were actually never presented to the sellers. And as it turned out the broker had to be called to get some missing initials on the contract so the bank could get the loan in process because the agent couldn't be bothered to get it done correctly.

Bigger isn't always better.  Sometimes quality over quantity is what is needed. I don't care to have the most agents, my choice is to have the number that I can successfully mentor, help and manage. I don't care if we sell the most houses and I don't care if we have the most listings. I care that we give our clients the kind of service we would want and the listings the marketing they need.

Earlier this week my husband and I drove to large car dealer in the Atlanta market because he found "the" truck he wanted to buy in their on line inventory. He called to check on availability of the vehicle and off we went.  We arrived and after an hour and a half of waiting for them to "find" it because they continued to tell us they had the truck, they figured out they didn't have it anymore.  Perhaps it was because they have "too much" to keep up with.  I'm pretty sure I've never made a client wait for an our and a half to find out if a house is available or under contract while they sat in my office.  Now that's not to say a house someone finds on line might not actually be under contract, but it's not going to take 4 hours for me to determine that fact.  We did buy a new truck this week, but it was from a smaller and way better dealer who knew exactly what was in their inventory.

Knowing the market, knowing the inventory, knowing the GA power regulations and who to call, treating people with kindness and respecting their time is what we offer at Lane Realty. So while other firms are boasting about their numbers I'll be over here trying to give the best customer experience anywhere.

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