Our Mission, our Vision and our Value at Lane Realty on Lake Sinclair

Mission Statement:


Lane Realty tries to be an ambassador to our community and serve others


To make clients see us as family before the transaction is done


Vision Statement:


To embrace change, technology and grow. 

As a broker I make sure I am available to help my agents


Value Statement:


Putting people at the center of our business, not deals. While we are making a living we are helping people change their life. Make it be better.


Ben, I appreciate this challenge and because of some very tough things in my business life right now it couldn't have come at a better time. I can't get into the details here as it would potentially be hurtful to a client, but recent events have profoundly changed how I go about helping my agents understand the impact we have.  


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Tammy Lankford, Broker/Owner


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Our Mission, our Vision and our Value at Lane Realty on Lake Sinclair
Mission Statement: Lane Realty tries to be an ambassador to our community and serve others To make clients see us as family before the transaction is done Vision Statement: To embrace change, technology and grow. As a broker I make sure I… more
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