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How will the power plant closing affect fishing on Lake Sinclair?

We have had lots of questions about Lake Sinclair with the recent closing of the power plant (Plant Branch) in Putnam County. We've had people ask about the water levels, fishing changes the sale of lease lots and what will happen to the property where the plant is now.

Georgia Power management and Land Management recently had a meeting with real estate professionals to give us some of the answers. The dam at Lake Oconee and the dam at Sinclair will continue to be operational and produce power. Waters will continue to be pumped from Sinclair to Oconee and back again as it has been in the past.

Final approvals are being given from federal departments for the drawdown and in the next couple of weeks Georgia Power will likely have dates to announce. They know when they WANT to do the draw down this fall, but it's not something they can just decide and do without permits.

Speaking of permits, if you want to have work done on your seawall, ramp, dock or boathouse during the drawdown please go and ask early for a post dated permit. They will be hit hard with the number of requested permits as the time draws near and you might not get your permit if you don't make the request very early. If it is something that can only be done with the water down they indicated a willingness to look at the site and plans early and then issue the permit in a time frame that would allow you to have the work done during the draw down.

Also if you want to have some silt removed from around your dock at that time, NOW is the time to plan, hire and schedule that work. If you wait until the water levels start to drop I can promise you, no one will still be available with a tractor to do the work. Georgia Power will continue to manage their leasehold properties as they have done in the past at the office off of Hwy. 16 in Putnam County.

As for fishing.... I found some information about how not having the warm water released back into Lake Sinclair in the winter months might affect the fishing on Lake Sinclair and I wanted to share this very informative video with you.


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