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Tuesday's vote and civic duty

Every adult should care about politics and vote. (of course this just my opinion).  I really owe my attitude about voting to my high school government teacher, Barbara Burton.  She was an awesome teacher.  We actually studied the constitution, the bill of rights and over 100 supreme court cases.  I could still quote you cases and results from more than 25 of them that literally changed the lives of Americans.  

If you are not registered to vote, there is still time to get registered for the November election.  In Putnam County you can even register on line at the Board of Elections and Registration web site.

If you are interested in seeing the local results from Tuesday's run-off they are right here.

It looks like only a total of 1653 ballots were cast.  Sad and pathetically low.  Local peeps I challenge you to get out and vote in November.  

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Tuesday's vote and civic duty
Every adult should care about politics and vote. (of course this just my opinion). I really owe my attitude about voting to my high school government teacher, Barbara Burton. She was an awesome teacher. We actually studied the constitution, the… more
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