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A little reflection about my Grandmother

My Grandmother was born March 23, 1918

I lost my Grandmother in the late summer of 2009.  I still miss her and today when "family" landed me spending the day in the Emergency Room I spend some drive time reflecting about my Grandmother.  She was my caregiver when my mom worked from the time I was 1 year old when my mom went to work until my brother was born when I was 5.  Plus I continued to go to her house after school and in summers for years and years to come. 

When my Grandmother begin to have health issues I was her "hospital" person.  The entire family would come, but I was the one who would stay.  I've slept on a wooden bench outside of her ICU room when she had a stroke, I've slept in a chair when she broke her hip and had surgery, I slept on a cot when she had her gall bladder removed  about 12 or so years ago.

That first time, when she had the stroke she woke up in ICU about 3 a.m. and could wiggle her fingers on the side she had the stroke paralysis and she wanted to show someone. The nurse said, wait a minute and ran out and hall where she had earlier given me a pillow and blanket for that wooden bench and got me. I was so happy to share that news with my family in the morning. That baby in her arms was me in 1965.  She did a LOT of taking care of me, so of course I was always willing to do it for her too.

I'm very lucky to have had as much time with her as I did. She lived for 30 years and a few months after my Papa passed back in 1979. I can't even imagine 30 years without my Donald. And while I can remember my Grandmother being lonely and wanted someone to always spend the night, I don't remember her dwelling on the sadness. She was always taking care of someone or something. She had a huge heart for pets. I have all kinds of crazy animal stories .... squirrels, rabbits, turtles, monkeys, cats, birds. She lost a son and two grandsons in her life and I can't imagine that kind of strength either.

And the irony of me spending hours of my day in the emergency room on your birthday was not lost to me. I knew you were looking over me and Katie and Abigail. I'll see you again.  Meanwhile if you tell Russell, Christopher and Ryan hi for me.  And on Thursday if you'd give Christopher a birthday hug for me I'd appreciate it.

BTW, it was a work friend of Abigail's that I spend the day in the ER with... her name is Katie and she has a spiral humerus fracture that will require surgery on Friday, so if you send good vibes or warm fuzzies or lift her name in prayer I would greatly appreciate it. Katie is special to Abigail and me.


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29 commentsTammy Lankford • March 23 2015 06:45PM
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