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And Halloween 2014 comes to a successful close

It wa a super busy week at Lane Realty, today however was about goblins and cookies!  Donald did a wonderful job on our annual Jack o Lanterns. 

I had such a great time showing off my Donald's carved pumpkins today.  He took the owl to my mom's house late in the afternoon. And then came back to the office to help me pass out candy and cookies to the costumed trick or treaters.

Perhaps there will be some pumpkin pie in our near future as well. They are out for the night, but it's dipping down into the 30s so I think they will keep overnight in those temperatures just fine. I have seen some great recipes on Pinterest.











We had some super cute costumes come through the door this afternoon and after a while I just lost count, but we had plenty of cookies and candy.




























It's a tradition we plan to continue for years to come.  We enjoy giving the children who live out at the lake a nice place to go to trick or treat.  

Of course we'd love to have anyone stop by our office any time we are open to have a cup of coffee and visit a spell. 






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5 commentsTammy Lankford • October 31 2014 09:13PM
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It wa a super busy week at Lane Realty, today however was about goblins and cookies! Donald did a wonderful job on our annual Jack o Lanterns. I had such a great time showing off my Donald's carved pumpkins today. He took the owl to my mom's… more
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