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Lights On for Deputies Jeff Wilson & Michael Norris, MCSO

This past weekend tragedy occured in my daughter's "work family".  If you happen to know any first responder you know how these people feel about each other.  They have to work as a team... police officers, deputies, EMTs, paramedics and firefighters.  They run into danger while citizens run from danger.  It's their job.

Two middle Georgia  deputies were responding to a family's 9-11 call for help that a person at a home was going to commit suicide.  The officers were trying to help and instead of turning the gun on himself the man open fired on the two officers.  One has sadly lost his life.  Michael Norris did not survive.  Jeff Wilson is still in the hospital.  

Norris is survived by a wife, a mother, a father who is a fire chief, a grandfather who is mayor.  He comes from a family that has dedicated their lives to serving the public.

In a show of honor for Michael's memory and Jeff's service I'm asking you to do one simple thing.  Lights on September 20, 2014.  If you drive, drive with your headlights on, if you are home keep your porch light burning that day and night.  And further please click on this Facebook page and "join" this event to reach out to their families to show your respects and support.

It would also mean a lot to my daughter and I if you would be willing to invite your facebook friends to do the same by sharing and/or inviting them to join in on this "event". And if you personally know a first responder I respectully request you reach out to them and thank them for a job that is often dangerous and in my opinion always underpaid.

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