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Anticipation and Relaxation

You know that saying about a watched pot never boils? Well I'm beginning to think that a watched package never ships.  Last week I ordered a new camera and some lenses. I am totally excited and it went from NJ to Maryland today.  When I ordered it I was expecting it to be here by today.  Oh wait, it's after midnight so I guess it was actually supposed to be here yesterday.  And if it was in Maryland yesterday then I don't think today is looking good either.

I have a new listing I'd love to get some great photos of with my new camera on Friday. Maybe it will be here by then.

More anticipation, I have an eviction on Friday.  It's not something I want to do, but it is something I have to do. Hopefully you'll get to see that new listing soon too.

Now for the Relaxation, that came today.  When Donald stopped by my office on his way home from work he said Kayaking?  I said yes.  Today we paddled about 5 miles round trip to almost one of my agent's houses. I sent him a text and he came out to meet ups. I got to pet his puppy and he offered to give us a ride home, but we actually enjoyed our paddle around the lake. We got to see all three counties.  (well bits of them)

And while you might not think a 5 mile paddle in a kayak is relaxing, it is for me.  It requires some working my arms out and I even feel it in my legs right now. But mentally it's such a relaxing time.  Disconnected from work and really nice.  We were there and back in less than 2 hours and it was awesome. Hopefully we'll be out there again soon.  If you see us, make sure to say hi.

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