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If you are thinking of purchasing lake property in Georgia, don't do it until you check out lake sinclair.

Would I show a Lake Sinclair listing for another agent?

Well that's not a simple yes or no answer.  There are a lot of factors that would go into my determination of how I would respond if an agent asked me to show a Lake Sinclair home FOR them.

First:  Do I have a relationship with this agent?

Second: Is it a Lane Realty listing they want to see?

Third: Why is the buyer's agent unable to show the property themselves?


officeWhen sellers hire me to sell their homes it's my JOB to make sure they are marketed well and don't miss opportunities to be seen by buyers.  If an agent who is a member of my MLS and I have a personal good working relationship with this agent I would of course show our listings for them if they had something come up and could not show something we had listed I would do it. Not just for my sellers, but for the agent too.  I've had agents offer the same thing for my clients when I had a family emergency arise when I already had an appointment scheduled.

If it was an out of area agent I would ONLY show Lane Realty listings.  Again, it's my job to not make my sellers miss an opportunity for their homes to be seen by potential buyers.  Now if that agent is NOT in our MLS there is no offer of cooperation with said agent and the "split" might not be what it would be if it was an agent that was in our local area or a member of the local MLS. Our policy for working with agents not in our MLS is clearly indicated on our website. As the broker I not only will show my personal listings for agents out of our area, but for any listing in my firm.  After all the sellers hired Lane Realty to represent them. If an out of area agent wants me to show all Lake Sinclair listing we're going to be talking about referral fees and signing agreements.  Real estate is a really cool and fun career, but it is how I earn my living and not a hobby.

Now if the agent is just being plain lazy and could be here or has their buyers call us because their agent is "busy" we tell the buyers they need to contact their agent.  We want to sell our listings, but we just won't be abused by other agents.  And if we're doing ALL the work then we'll be keeping all the money.  Lazy agents can ask their buyers to pay their commission.

And while I'm on the subject of agents who are not available to show, in my office we get covereage for our clients when we are away and will be unavailable to show.  I spent last Friday and a couple of hours Monday morning showing property to clients of one of my agents.  My agent was out of town for Easter and had made prior arrangments with me to cover for him. We of course worked out the pay split between us, but just because he was unavailable we did not ask an agent from another firm to show our buyers homes and then expect to get paid.  Who would do that?  Oh yes, lazy agents.  

If you are working with an agent who is too busy to actually show you homes you want to see, perhaps it's time to consider hiring another agent.  I also suggest you always work with a local to the property agent.  To hire an Atlanta agent to see property at Lake Sinclair is not how you will be best represented.  Even if that agent owns a lake house they likely don't know everything they should know to represent you well in a purchase.



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